We are a consultancy studio driven by a curatorial approach specialising in consulting services for cultural institutions and non-cultural players who have a desire to implement a cultural project or program.

The Urban Lab serves as a research think tank. It is a laboratory of ideas, a catalyst for creative communities, a think tank for the production of discourses around the urban condition, and a practice research hub to rethink existing creative formats and the use of urban spaces. 

Within the lab, we constantly experiment with new ways of reading, thinking, and making the city through multidisciplinary interventions.

Our mission is to shape cities through culture

District 4
HCMC, Vietnam

SEE+ Design Fair 2023
SEE+ Design Fair 2023
PRS Asia, 2023 
Tactial Urbanism, 2023 
Tactical Urbanism, 2023 
Tactical Urbanism, 2023 
Tactical Urbanism 2023 
Workshop with HUTEC students, 2023
#GAP3 with the founder of NEM
Talk and workshop at Toong, 2023 
VFCD 2023 
Toong 2023 
VFCD 2022 - Artistic contribution 
VFCD 2022
#CASC, VFCD 2022
CASC, VFCD 2022 
Immersive sound experience, VFCD 2022
Mentoring, 2022  
Indipendent Research, 2022 
Reinterpreting Narrowness, Rice Studio, 2023 
Reinterpreting Narrowness, 2023 
#GAP4, Sawadeesign 2024
#GAP4, Sawadeesign 2024 
GAP#1 Nhabe Scholae, 2023 
#GAP Series 2023 - 2024 
Engaging with vietnam,  Hue 2023 
Hanoi Ad-hoc research workshop 
Goethe Institut Hanoi, 2023 
Goethe Institut Hanoi, 2023 
Arch week HCMC Talk + Open Studio, 2022 
Memefest 2023
memefest 2023 
Arch week HCMC Talk + Open Studio, 2022 
Arch week HCMC Talk + Open Studio, 2022 
Arch week HCMC Talk + Open Studio, 2022 
#CASC-VFCD, 2022
Presentation at Uni Trento, Italy 2023
 Talk + Open Studio, 2022  
Sensory City Walking, Mekong Cultural Hub-Morua-Thao-Sigon, 2022 
Sensory City Walking, Sigon, 2022 
Arch week HCMC, 2022  
Mekong Cultural Hub-Morua-Thao-Sigon, 2022